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So, my mom read the Allkpop Jongtae article …

   So I actually had the article up on another window and my mom asked to do something on my computer. She got online , all ok, until she actually closed the window with her tab in it, exposing the Allkpop article ! But , it was scrolled down so you couldn’t see the main story ( which was the Jongtae article as most of you know.) 

 But I completely forgot that it was the main story. I scrolled up and my mom stopped me and ask ,” What’s that ?!?”

  After she asked that, no lie, I was like, ” I’m done. There goes my life and freedom on the internet and my happiness.”

 So she clicked on the article and read it and she just simply said, “I told you they were gay.” She wasn’t mad, she wasn’t disgusted. She just said that (Which caught me completely off guard !) I was completely surprised that my mom didn’t question me on why I was reading such an article and stuff. (It was an epiphany of my almost being an adult :3)I fought back and said that they weren’t but , yet again, I wasn’t going to argue with my mother about something so stupid when it seems that I’m already off the hook for looking at such an “inappropiate” picture and such. 

  Then to add gasoline to the fire, she watches the video. ” They are so gay !~ ”  I act depressed.(when I’m actually happy it happened, even though they really didn’t kiss, it’s fanservice.) I also have Jonghyun’s Sherlock poster on my wall, so when my mom found out the guy on my wall was the shirtless one on the video, she wasn’t surprised apparently that he would do such a thing. And she was like,” The one in black actually looks rather manly, yet he is in such a position. It’s a shame too, they are both very attractive.”


.. Really ? She called the one with the very attractive body and shirtless one, more gay then the very pretty, feminine looking one …. *sigh*

Then we read the comments together. But then my mom said the greatest thing. “What did i tell you before ? It’s ok if you like them and their music. I’m not discriminating against them at all ! On the contrary, I’m all for people being happy with the ones they love. I just don’t like it when they keep it all bottled up inside and then shock their fans and such when they come out. And they are also hurting themselves too by doing that.”

 I love my mother so much !! <3

I actually had to beg and plead to her to not tell my dad or family ( they already make fun of me because they all say that Jonghyun looks gay from my poster. :/)

But it’s her new form of blackmail. Now if I don’t do what she wants, she will tell my dad. Which equals to a lifetime of torture.


*sigh* Why did I have to scroll up the page ?..

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